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Electrical and Mechanical

Lesedi has a successful history of undertaking and completing turnkey projects. We specialise in electrical, mechanical and their supporting and related infrastructures. As with many industries intelligence and control through IT based platforms has become an integral part of electrical and mechanical infrastructures. Lesedi can design, supply, install, test, commission and maintain electrical and mechanical solutions. We have the resources of a trained and experienced team of personnel for the design, quantifying, procurement, logistics, project management and installation of large electrical and mechanical solutions. We are experienced in working on projects and interacting with main contractors and the clients’ professional teams, such as electrical and mechanical engineers. Lesedi has the financial and management resources to see large projects through to their successful completion. We have the support and a long and healthy relationship with a dedicated supply chain of a variety of manufacturers and distributors. This enables us to have access to a large scope of products and solutions, from industrial sized distribution boards, mechanical plants and equipment through to electrical cable and connectivity wiring.
Even though traditional electrical and mechanical systems are a major focus of our company, optimizing these systems through intelligence is however what sets us apart from the rest. We specialise in building management equipment and software that gives the client full control of their systems. We offer an integrated solution that can, for example, draw information from access control and occupancy sensors to inform the system of building occupancy levels and with that information control electrical, water and air supply systems. This is a basic example of how we integrate with related infrastructures to ensure optimal power savings and usage of all systems. Various systems can be monitored, controlled and integrated. Lesedi has the skill and experience to supply and install these systems together with electrical and mechanical infrastructure:
Building management
Access control
Fire detection, and integration with HVAC, access control and PA systems
Lighting control
Emergency lighting
Network infrastructure complete solution with, cabling, fibre, equipment, cabinets etc.
Power monitoring
Power quality
Control of valves, actuators, sensors etc.
Variable speed drives and soft starters
Monitoring of water pressure, water levels, temperature, flow and usage
Monitoring and control of mechanical HVAC infrastructure