Background & Track Record

The Lesedi Group had its beginnings in 1979, with the independent formation of two IT companies - Brett Schachat Construction Computing and Computer Contracting Associates. These two companies prospered and finally joined forces in 1993. Along the way, a previous spin-off from Brett Schachat, Technology Computing also rejoined the fold. The merged entity was named Corporate Technology.

Lesedi Corporate Technology was formed by Litha Investments (Pty) Limited and Corporate Technology in 1995. Although Litha subsequently moved on, 51% of the equity has remained in the hands of Historically Disadvantage Individuals (HDI’s) and Lesedi Corporate Technology continues to be a black owned IT company within the Group.

Brett Schachat Associates, the original group holding company has subsequently been renamed LESEDI GROUP HOLDINGS, and the entire Group now trades under the Lesedi banner..

The Lesedi Group has registered an enviable track record. Through it’s operating subsidiaries it has become a supplier of repute to major customers. Many of it’s customers have been buying from Lesedi for longer than most current South African IT companies have been in existence. The Group is a valued partner of all major vendors and distributors, with awards from them covering the walls of its boardroom.


One of Lesedi’s differentiators is that every owner is directly involved in the day to day operations and management. This results in high levels of efficiency ultimately providing clients with individual attention and an enhanced value proposition. The group is self funded with no external debt and attracts quality long term staff due to its stability.


Empowerment is regarded as a key strategy within the South African context and Lesedi adopts a broad based approach embracing ownership, management control, employment equity, preferential procurement, skills development, enterprise development and socio-economic development.