Hardware & Office Equipment

Lesedi Corporate Technology can supply and install a wide variety of office equipment.

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Network Equipment

Lesedi Corporate Technology has many years of experience in supplying and installing various networking equipment.  From small office installation to large corporate and government facilities.  We are provicient in providing the physical network and the skills required to get all your services running on it.

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Additional Services

Lesedi Corporate Technology has an inhouse workshop and assembly area where we cater for all your needs such as hardware repairs to pc's, printers, notebooks etc

We can assemble and configure your hardware as per your requirments, including OS installations, program installations and upgrades.

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IT Support

Lesedi Corporate Technology has the resources to assist your company  with all your IT related needs including onsite and remote support for pc's, printers, networking, server and all Microsoft based software products.

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Lesedi Corporate Technology is a retailer for the SmartCombo which is an interactive All-In-One device with a built in projector.